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Vision, Mission, Strategy & Principles of EFOOFAN Organic Tea

Vision, Mission, Strategy & Principles of EFOOFAN Organic Tea

Organic Ecology Tea

Vision, Mission, Strategy & Principles of Organic Tea

1. From tea gardens to tea cups, the organic ecology is fully covered

DAYANG TEA has been steadily implementing projects such as the reconstruction of ecological tea gardens, the construction of organic tea gardens, and the transformation and upgrading of primary tea production facilities in the development process of organic tea development and utilization, and vigorously promotes the scale and standardization of organic tea garden construction. A series of technical specifications such as “Technical Specifications for Organic Tea Quality Control in Ecological Tea Gardens”, “Construction and Management Specifications for Organic Tea Ecological Tea Gardens” and “Ten Standards for Organic Tea” have been formulated and released. Fully implement green planting and prevention and control technology, promote organic tea planting and management towards the development of normalization, standardization and science, and take the first step stably in the ecological development of organic tea from the source.

Ecology Tea Tree

At the same time, it actively cooperates with authoritative organic product certification agencies at home and abroad to carry out supervision, spot checks and risk monitoring of organic tea products, and actively provides “zero-distance” certification and production technology consulting services for the organic production of tea enterprises in the tea association, and Comprehensively build an organic ecologic management system for the whole process from tea garden to tea cup. Implement whole-chain supervision and strictly control the quality of organic tea products.

In order to ensure the quality of organic tea product and let all tea lovers drink high-quality organic tea, the company’s quality inspection department strictly test all organic tea raw material against sensory examination, fluoride content, heavy metals such as lead, tribute, cadmium, arsenic, microorganisms, and 350 European organic pesticide residues etc aspects. We conduct strict testing on organic tea in those projects to ensure that all standards of our organic tea meet the strictest organic certification standards in Europe.

"Organic certification requires testing not only fresh leaves and finished tea, but also the water, soil, and air in tea gardens." The leader of the Agricultural Product Quality Safety Research Center, Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences praised: "It is not easy to obtain international organic certification."

Our company actively advocates the management and development of organic ecological tea gardens, established the “Lin’an Organic Tea Industry Association”, scientifically formulates a platform sharing mechanism, a resource sharing mechanism, a benefit sharing mechanism, and a risk-taking mechanism, and carry out the “three unifications” of alliance enterprise standards, brands and logos. To create a public brand of Lin’an organic tea, to walk out a development path of the organic, branded and characteristic for the organic tea industry, and to lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the Lin’an organic tea industry and to build China’s No. 1 organic tea city.

Fresh Tea Buds

2. From enterprises to consumers, to achieve full coverage of the integrity system

In order to ensure the safety and quality of organic tea production, safeguard the interests of consumers, improve the credibility of organic tea products, establish a quality benchmark, and create a high-quality brand and good reputation for organic tea products, DAYANG TEA took the lead in establishing an organic tea enterprises integrity alliance in China, formulated alliance standards, clarified “five specifics” (specific enterprise, specific production area, specific raw materials, specific craftsmanship, specific logo), so that each piece of Integrity Alliance Organic Tea can achieve “Four Beings” as “be flagged, be scandalized, be tested, and be monitored” and “Four Qualifications” (identified, queried, traceable, and trustworthy).

At the same time, relying on information technology, we have explored a replicable and popularized whole-process traceability system of Lin’an organic tea. Using the product traceability system, the traceability QR code is used as the identity identification of tea products throughout the entire process of production, processing, warehousing, transportation and sales, so that each piece of alliance product has an “identity card”. No matter what channel consumers buy through, they can inquire the “identity information” of the batch of tea products through the traceability platform as long as they scan the QR code, so that the identity can be identified, the standard can be queried, the source can be traced, and the quality can be trusted. It has realized the full coverage of the integrity system from production enterprises to consumers. While promoting the in-depth development of the organic tea enterprise integrity alliance, it ensures the high quality of the organic tea products, and continuously improves the influence of the ecological organic tea brand; so that consumers can rest assured that pay for every tea leaf with peace of mind.

A cup of Organic Black Tea

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