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Tea Antioxidant Activity

Tea Antioxidant Activity Summary

The antioxidant activity of Tea is mainly clarified to tea ingredients, content, and their functionality to health. Meanwhile, it clarified the work principal of these mainly ingredients like tea polyphenals and catechins and other chemical componsition.

Beneficial Effects of Green Tea

Beneficial Effects of Green Tea

Tea in China is known as the “national drink”. Tea contains protein, fattiness, vitamins, and polyphenols, caffeine, LPS, saccharine and other components with pharmacological beneficial effects. Green tea is rich in theanine and catechin, it can delay aging and remove free radicals. Polyphenols and their oxidation products in green tea are able to absorb poison of radioactive materials, and thus to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It can prevent and treat radiation injury. The caffeine in green tea can enhance the excitement process of cerebral cortex and plays a role of refreshing.