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Tea Antioxidant Activity

Tea Antioxidant Activity Summary

The antioxidant activity of Tea is mainly clarified to tea ingredients, content, and their functionality to health. Meanwhile, it clarified the work principal of these mainly ingredients like tea polyphenals and catechins and other chemical componsition.

Organic Ecological Tea Tree

Implementation Policy for Sustainable Organic Tea Garden Production

Sustainable organic tea garden production mainly contains 4 parts. We rely on the rich natural resources, fully untilize local technology and comply on the rule of international organic standard which better improve the ecological conditions of organic tea gardens and promote the sustainability development of organic ecological tea plantation.

Tian Mu Moutain Townscape

The History of Organic Tea Industry in Lin’an

Lin’an is the birthplace of organic tea in China. It has been developing organic tea since 1990. The superior ecological environment and high mountain tea resources promote the steady development of Lin’an organic tea industry. This tells the story of Linan organic tea industry development.

Organic Ecology Tea

Vision, Mission, Strategy & Principles of EFOOFAN Organic Tea

organic ecology tea is not just in name, but also reflects its quality in practice fully covered from tea gardens to tea cups and from enterprises to consumers. It guarantees the safety and quality of organic tea production, and brings a cup of 100% health tea to tea lovers.

Matcha Medical Property

The Characteristic of Matcha

Matcha is a brand new green tea product. It has many new functional features that conventional green tea does not have. It brings a new way and experience of drinking tea, and its nutritional value is far superior to that of conventional green tea products. Here is helping you to better understand from its main function, ingredients, nutritional facts, and chemical composition etc aspects what the matcha is such special.


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