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Full Service

Dropshipping Service、Wholesale Service、OEM/ODM Service

Wholesale Service

One pallet is possible, fit for wholesalers and distributors. Limited product types are opened. Offer private label serivce to the product with limited package option, available for commodity inspection and organic sale certification's application. Amazon wholesale is option.

Dropshipping Service

One piece is possible, fit for e-commerce operation pattern based on the international express service, from factory to consumers direct delivery, reduce the cost of e-commerce sellers to the greatest extent. Pop and High-end retail products are opened. Private label service is available. The service applied to USA and EU areas. Amazon FBA dispatching is option in US.

OEM/ODM Service

One container is possible, fit for larger marketing company. Service 2 is contained, OEM and ODM service applied to the product with all packages. Teabag service is available. No limited product types. Full support to the customers and products. Real-time tracking and docking.

Tea Selection

Organic Matcha

Culinary, Premium, Ceremonial

Organic Sencha

Gyokuro, Genmaicha,

Hojicha, Fannings

Organic Longjing

Grade SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,Fannings

Organic Tianmu Qingding

Grade SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,Fannings


Organic Jiuqu Hongmei

Grade SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,Fannings

Organic Black Tea

OP, FOP, BOP, Fannings

Organic White Tea

Silver Needle, white Peony, Fannings

Organic Oolong Tea

Grade S, A, B, Fannings

Package Selection

Process of Order

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