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“We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.”

Environmental and Safety Commitments

The intensification of the global warming effect has brought great pressure to the survival of human beings. Forests have the function of changing the climate and regulating the climate. Protecting forest resources and maintaining ecological balance is the duty of our tea people. Lin’an is not only known as a city in the forest, an ecological city, but also one of the ancient tea areas with a long history of tea culture and the birthplace of organic tea. We commit and adhere to follow the laws of nature and ecological principles, adopt sustainable agricultural technologies that are beneficial to the ecology and the environment, protect the ecological environment, focus on the development of biodiversity, save natural resources, improve the quality of tea and food safety, and mutually benefit and harmoniously symbiose with environmental resources and produce a cup of natural, green, healthy and safe tea for tea lovers.

Sustainable Opportunity Policy

As the darling of the international market, organic food has always been in short supply, and the annual consumption market is growing at a rate of 20%-30%; China’s organic food consumption market is also growing at an annual rate of 25%. The tea industry is an important part of agriculture in China, and the agriculture, rural areas, and farmers are still the focus of our government’s work. The national and local governments have a series of policies and regulations to vigorously consolidate, upgrade and revitalize agricultural development. President Xi Jinping made an important instruction in Lin’an that “the environment is also a productive force”. The sustainable development model of Lin’an Mountains has received attention and promotion from all over the world.<<Lin’an Erosion-Resilient Agro-Forestry Mode for Mountain Regions>>(Knowledge@Terra Classrooms ©NATUREHERIT

Unique Geographical Location

Lin'an is located in a rainy area between 29°-31° north latitude, with an annual precipitation of 1500mm, annual rainy days of 140-180 days, and annual average temperature of 15.3°C. This zonal monsoon climate has the characteristics of "Synchronized rain and heat" in spring and summer, "complementary temperature and light" in autumn and winter, are very conducive to the growth of tea trees.

Abundant Natural Resources

Tianmu Mountain (UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB)) National Nature Reserve, Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve, Taihu Source (the source of Taihu Lake and Qiantang River), Qingshan Lake National Forest Park and the world's rare plants - Wild Yew Conservation Group, etc. It has the reputation of "National Ecological Construction Demonstration City", "Hometown of Bamboo in China" and "Hometown of Walnet in China".

Age-old Tea Cultural Heritage

Tea production in Lin'an has a history of more than 1,200 years. Tea has been recorded as early as the Dongjin Dynasty, and it was great reputed in the Tang Dynasty. The tea saint Lu Yu compiled Tianmu tea into the "Tea Classic", and, elected the tribute tea in the Ming Dynasty. In modern times, it is the birthplace of matcha and Longjing tea and organic tea, the distribution center of Japanese tea. The existing tea garden covers an area of 650 hectares..

Superior National Policy Support

China takes agriculture as the foundation of the nation, cultivates new momentum for agricultural and rural development, and improves the overall efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. Focus on agricultural modernization, and promote the sustainable utilization of natural resources and ecological environmental protection. Promulgate a series of regulations and policies to support agricultural development. The local government of Lin'an issued a series of "Five-Year Action Plan for Revitalizing Lin'an Tea Industry", "Implementation Opinions on Building a Strong Ecological Economy City", "Plan for Construction of Green Ecological Agriculture Demonstration County in Lin'an City" and "Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan for Lin'an Mountain Area" etc. programmatic document for the development of an ecological economy, and achieved outstanding achievements.

China Organic Tea Advocate

As the birthplace of organic tea in China, DAYANG, as the initiator and advocate of organic tea, has spared no effort to promote the construction of organic tea gardens, standardize organic production, establish and improve organic management standards, promote the concept of organic tea and the development of tea culture. And actively assisted the local government to establish an organic tea enterprise integrity alliance, and explored a replicable and promoteable Lin'an organic tea whole-process traceability system. Fully implement green planting and prevention and control technology, promote organic tea planting and management towards the development of normalization, standardization and science, and take the first step stably in the ecological development of organic tea from the source.

Professional Organic Certification

Since the birth of organic tea in China, we have started organic certification, and successively completed the organic certification of China organic tea, the Netherlands SKAL organic certification, the Swiss IMO organic certification and the German BCS organic certification, and obtained organic China, USDA, European Commission and JAS etc organic certificates. We also actively take part in the Rainforest Alliance Certification to promote sustainable argriculture development and advocate ecology balance. At the same time, tea gardens are spot checked and re-certified every year, and each batch of produced tea will be tested according to the strictest German organic 350 standards in the world, so as to ensure the health and safety of each cup of tea.

Company Organic Tea Resources

Our company has 5 organic tea bases (Lin'an, Yuhang, Tonglu, Tiantai and Jinhua) with a total of 200 acres of tea gardens, we can produce organic matcha, organic steamed green tea, organic pan-fried green tea, organic Longjing, organic Tianmu Qingding, organic Jiuqu Hongmei, organic black tea, organic Baihao silver needle, organic white peony, organic rock tea, etc. The annual production capacity of dry tea reaches 1,000 tons, which are exported to the worldwide

Advanced Productivity of Organic Tea

Our company is fully equipped with automatic production equipment to ensure the unity of tea quality, and at the same time to get rid of the ills caused by the lack of tea talents. The company has assembled 7 production lines for organic green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea, including two advanced steamed green tea imported from Japan and a fully automatic production line of Longjing tea, which effectively guarantees the quality and market competitiveness of organic tea.

Offer Job Opportunity

We provide opportunities for vocational training, management, and promotion. Teach the knowledge of organic tea processing and management, so that employees can truly appreciate the benefits of organic tea and enjoy the joy of life and work. At the same time, it also responded to the policy call of the national and local governments, promoted the development of the local economy, and made a contribution to the healthy development of the country and the world.

Sustainability in Action