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The Connotation and Characteristic of Organic Tea

The Connotation and Characteristic of Organic Tea

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Connotation of organic tea

According to the conceptual connotation of organic agriculture and organic food, organic tea is a kind of fresh leaf raw material produced according to the organic agricultural production system and method which is in a place without any pollution, and is free from any chemical pollution in the process of processing, packaging, storage and transportation. Meanwhile, the tea products and reprocessed products reviewed and certified by organic certification bodies. Organic tea is a pure natural, high-grade, high-quality healthy drink.

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Characteristics of organic tea

Organic tea with pure flavor has the following characteristics compared with conventional tea:

  1. The quality evaluation of conventional tea products is usually achieved through the examination of end products, without or seldom considering the production and processing process, while organic tea products The quality evalutation of tea is not only to test the end products, but also to examine whether the product may be affected by various pollution sources during production, processing, storage and transportation;
  2. Conventional tea is usually grown using fertilizers and pesticides. and other agrochemicals, while organic tea products are prohibited from using any agrochemicals and all synthetic auxiliaries in the process of planting and processing, which not only protects the ecological environment of farmland, but also enriches biodiversity, making environmental, biological, human Harmonious coexistence;
  3. If consumers find quality problems in organic tea and other organic foods purchased from the market, they can trace it to a certain link in the whole process (tea garden and farmers) through the quality tracking and recording system of organic products. This is difficult to do with conventional tea products.
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