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The Characteristic of Matcha

Matcha is a brand new green tea product. It has many new functional features that conventional green tea does not have. It brings a new way and experience of drinking tea, and its nutritional value is far superior to that of conventional green tea products. Here is helping you to better understand from its main function, ingredients, nutritional facts, and chemical composition etc aspects what the matcha is such special.

The Usage of Matcha

The Usage of Matcha

Matcha is a very unique tea drink that can be used in many ways, not only used in drink, food, but also used in cosmetics. It all benefits from its own rich nutrients.

Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Brewed Tea

Dayang Matcha Introduction

Dayang matcha is originated from the birthplace of authentic japanese matcha and China organic tea. It relies on the regional environment of Tianmu Mountain and Qingliang Peak National Nature Reserve, with a good ecological environment and rich natural resources. Dayang matcha is also certified by BCS and owns USDA, EC, JAS etc organic certificates.

Matcha Green Tea Ceremony for Thick and Thin Matcha

Matcha for Thin and Thick

Generally Matcha is considered to be the finest of the green tea powder. Vivid green color and strong fragrance bring a pleasant enjoyment of a great cup of tea. Different tea quality and infusion way will bring a different experience. There is a unique tea ceremony different with other tea infusion to tell how to bring you a cup of exiquiste matcha drink.


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