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The Classification of China Tea

The Classification of China Tea

The Classification of China Tea

The Classification of Chinese Tea

Chinese tea, through a millennium, gets more exposure to people from various countries. Increasing countries and people begin to know tea, taste tea soup, and experience a long history of Chinese tea culture.

Since ancient times, there are a number of different methods of classifying tea. For example, LuYu in Tang Dynasty, divided tea into coarse tea, loose tea, powdered tea, tea cakes; In Yuan Dynasty tea was divided into bud tea and leaf tea. Tea can be classified by tea processing technology, origin, season, level, shape, or sales. After the founding of People’s Republic of China, according to the different degree of fermentation of tea and tea processing, tea was divided into non-fermented tea, semi-fermented tea and fully-fermented tea, and divided tea into six basic teas and re-processing tea, namely: green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, yellow tea, white tea and dark tea and re-processing tea, that is, scented tea and so on.

The Classificated as below table:

Sorting Standards

Tea Classification

Processing TechnicalTechnical Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Dark Tea
OriginTea from Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, Yunnan, Gansu, and Anhui Provinces
Harvesting TimeSpring tea, Summer tea, Hot summer tea, Autumn tea, and Winter Tea
Quality RatingPremium rating, first rating, second rating, third rating, fourth rating, and fifth rating….
ShapeNeedle-shaped tea, flat tea, jade leaves, curved spiral tea, sheet-shaped tea, orchid-shaped tea, and single bud-shaped tea
Sale PlaceTea for overseas sales, tea for domestic sales, etc.
Processing DegreeEarly tea (raw tea leaves), refined tea (tea products), deep processing of tea (such as instant tea, tea polyphenols extract, etc.)
Fermentation DegreeNon-fermented tea, slightly fermented tea, semi-fermented tea, fully-fermented tea, fermented tea.

Discovery Time

Historical tea, modern tea. Historical tea, such as GuZhuZi bamboo shoots, Cactus; Modern tea, such as Gaoqiao Yinfeng,Nanjing Yuhua tea

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