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Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade

Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade

Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade

Organic Longjing Green Tea, USDA/EU/JAS Certified, Orthodox Dragon Well Origin, Traditional Handcraft, Spring First Harvest, Ming Qian Longjing, Buds Tea, SSS Grade, 100% Natural. Pure Leaf Best Dragon Well Long Jing Tea Top Organic Green Tea Online Amazon

Orthodox Zhejiang Longjing Region

100% Origin

Longjing is the traditional Chinese tea, ranking the top ten tea in China.

Longjing tea produced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang area.

Created by the chinese tea farmers in the Song Dynasty, has a history of 1,200 years.

Longjing tea contains amino acids, chlorophyll and other ingredients are more than other tea, nutrient-rich.

It is famous as its unique taste, aroma and appearance of dried tea

Longjing Tea Mountain Index
Dragon Well

Efoofan guarantees the quality of each longjing greeen tea leaf

Longjing Buds Picking Up by Hand

Product Information

Tea Pot with Chinese Characters

【Name】: Organic Longjing Green Tea, SSS Grade

【Origin】: Hangzhou, China

【Harvest】: Before April, <MingQian>

【Appearance】: Flat and Bold, Shape Evenly

【Aroma】: Tender Aroma, Fragrant and Lasting

【Liquid】: Yellowish Green and Bright

【Shelf Life】: 24 Months

【Storage】: Sealed, Dried, Damp-Proof and Lower Temperture

【Address】: Authentic Hangzhou District

Product Detail

Dried Tea Exhibition --- Fat and Bold


Authentic longjing green tea owns 4 features as Fat, Plain, Grossy and Straight, Brown color or Yellowish green. Traditional famous with “Cao Mi” color; slippery from hand; tea leaf unfurled evenly; fat and straight.

Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade Dried Leaf -06

this tea is tippy fully, buds or bud with one small leaf clearly, whole dry tea flat and bold, strip tight, sharp and flat, tender and caramel aroma strong, dry tea colour evenly with grossy, traditional brown color<Cao Mi> pan-fired, an excellent tea representive.

Tea Soup Exhibition --- Apricot and Bright


Authentic longjing green tea’s soup is clean and bright; tasted with fresh, mellow and structured; Rich in fragrance and Lasting; Cleaned Soup, apricot color and bright.

Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade-Liquid

this tea soup is yellow with light green, clean and freshly bright; Aroma pure and high, honey, flowery and pekoe fragrance lingering; Taste fresh, sweet and brisk, it’s refreshing and pleasant.

Tea Bottom Exhibition --- Soft, Tender and Glossy


The brewed tea leaf of authentic longjing green tea is neat and even; tender tea buds opened as flower; the color of tea leaf is most soft, bold and rich in glossy.

Organic Longjing Green Tea SSS Grade Brewed Leaf

this brewed tea leaf is soft, fat and tender clearly, one bud one leaf, buds bold with elasticity, color bright and brilliant, tea veins and fibres are clear.

How to Tell A Good Longjing?

Good Tea 
Low Tea

Fat and Smooth, 1 Bud or 1 Bud 1 Leaf Tender Green and Glossy

Tender yellow and Bright Clean and Green Bloom Mellow and Fragrance

Fresh and Richness Sweet, Brisk and Mellow Full leaves with brewed leaf

Loose and Big 1Bud 2 Leaves or 3 Leaves Dull Dry

Dull Yellow and Brightless

Bitter and Astringent Sweetless after taste or No

High Quality Tea

Low Quality Tea

Flat and Smooth, Bold and More Tippy Shape Evenly, Brown Color and Bloom 1 Bud 1 Leaf or 2 Leaves Small and Tight without Broken

Greenish with Whiting, Loose and Uneven Dull green and Mixed Broad leaf and Thin

Longjing Comparision Tea A Longjing Comparision Tea B

Tender Green or Light Yellow Clean and Bright Tender Flavor within High Fire or Chestnut Aroma Fresh,Brisk and Mellow

Dull Yellow and Suspension Bitter and Astringent with Grass Odour

Longjing Comparision Tea Liquid A Longjing Comparision Tea Liquid B

Fine, Tender and Even Fat and Thick with Glossy Fresh and Brisk Aroma after Smell

Broad Leaf and Thin Dull Green and Coarse More mature leaf, Bigger and Broken Weak Aroma and Less Pure

Longjing Comparision Tea Brewed Tea Leaf A Longjing Comparision Tea Brewed Tea Leaf B
Why it should be MingQian Longjing?
MingQian Longjing is the tea picked up before the Tomb-Sweeping Festival, buds delicate,tender and fragrant, green as jade,is reputed as "SeLv, XiangYu, WeiChun and XingMei" and is the best in the tea. At the same time, the temperature is generally low before the Tomb-Sweeping Festival. It limited and lowed down the growth of tea buds and made the nutrient ingredients of tea reaching to golden ratio. Meanwhile,under a detailed picking and rigorous operated demand against such rare tea, the yield of tea reached to the longjing standard is very small. The MingQian is the best season in the tea and longjing is the best tea in China. Therefore, MingQian Longjing is best in best.
Orthodox Orgin, Exquisite Arts and Crafts to make a tight and even,neat and bright,brisk and mellow, evocative and recallable, economical and practical good tea. This is first choice of constant customer who loves longjing green tea.

Organic Management

Featured choice of fresh tea leaf in Thousands of Organic tea plantation

Follow the organic production standards, from tea to sales, we are strictly to control every step for intention to make a good tea

Organic Tea Plantation-01

1. Evevation above 800m, Best for tea growth, No pollution.

Organic Tea Cultivating-02

2. No use any synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or auxin.

Organic Tea Manuring-03

3. Artificial to manure into tea plantation with farm manure.

Organic Tea Clipping-04

4. Clipping weeds or tea bush with the most primitive approaches.

Organic Tea Picking-05

5. Picking in a timely manner according to the standard.

Organic Tea Processing-06

6. No use any chemical synthesis of food additives, preservatives or artificial coloring.

Organic Tea Packaging-07

7. Sealed packaging to avoid chemical contamination.

Organic Tea Storing-08

8. Excellent storage environment, the intention is to preserve the taste of tea.

Organic Tea Marketing-09

9. Spread the idea of health to every tea friends with a sincere attitude.

Infusion and Storage

How to brew a good tea?

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The Preference of Drinking a Tea

Weak Tea

{Weak Tea}

Ratio of Tea & Water : 


Infusion Time: 

                                          <2 Mins

Strong Tea

{Strong Tea}

Ratio of Tea & Water : 


Infusion Time: 

                                            >2 Mins

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Kind Reminder:

Suggest to use purified or spring for infusion.

Suggest to control the hot water is in 75-950C.


1-3 servings per day, 2-3g per time.

Inadvisable to drink tea in Limosis situation.

Inadvisable to drink tea before a meal.

Unable to drink tea when taking medicine. (Available after 1hr).

Suggest to use glass cup or Yixing Clay teapots.

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Tea is most easily tainted to other odors and must be isolated from other odors.


Tea is most vulnerable to heat oxidation, it must be stored in a cool and ventilated place, cool is appropriate, better refrigeration.


Tea is most susceptible to damp and must be stored in a dry place.

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Tea Word for Storage Method

All are optional as Jar,Canister,Tin etc. Greater sealablity with the container, Better to store the tea,

Kind Reminder:

1. Not allowed to place the tea with other tainted matter on smell like mothball, spice, drag etc.

2. The relative air humidity of storage environment should be controled under 60%.

3. Avoid exposing the tea under sunlight.

4. Avoid squeezing and crashing to broken the tea.

5. Placement with small batch.

Cold Storage
Cold Refrigerator