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Organic ceremonial matcha green tea, birthplace of authentic japanese matcha, tencha tea leaves, shade cover and stone grinding process.

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Organic Spring Japanese Tencha Matcha Powder with 1000Meshes around, USDA, EU and JAS triple certs, BCS certified. Japanese Tea Tree Transplanted, Japanese cultivation and management, and Japanese Making Process, Hand-picked, tea buds only.

Tencha Matcha is a kind of high quality powder-formed green tea (it is smashed powder, not instant tea powder), whose raw material leaves (named Tencha) is harvested on Spring, and smashed into powder by certain machines. The higher grade tencha matcha is better than the lower grade matcha in the following aspects:
1, Color. The higher grade one is more green in color than the lower grade one.
2, Aroma. The higher grade one hold a better aroma than the lower grade one.
3, Taste. The higher grade one is more tender than the lowder grade one in taste. in contrast, the lower grade one is stronger than the higher grade one in taste.
4, healthy-concerned compound. Normally, the higher grade ones hold more healthy-concerned compound in qty than the lowder grade ones, such as amino acids, vitamin etc.

Our tencha matcha manufacturing process is to make the tencha tea leaves first, second is to grind the tencha to matcha. The process of making matcha is as below: Pick up the fresh tea leaves, steamed it to de-enzyming with hot wind, cut the tea leaves into small fannings, twisted the tea leave, second twisted, dryed the tea leaves, baking the tea leaves as content as the leaf became dark green. Sifting it to different specification and remove stalk and stem etc. After tencha completed, then grind the tencha leaves into tiny granule.

Advanced Matcha Production Line
Advanced Matcha Production Line

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