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Organic White Peony Tea Bai Mu Dan 6S00

Organic White Peony Tea Bai Mu Dan 6S00

Organic White Peony Tea Bai Mu Dan 6S00

Chinese Peony Loose Leaf White Tea Drinks Gong Shou Mei

Product Information

Organic White Peony Tea Bai Mu Dan 6S00 Leaf
  1. White Peony Tea, <Bai Mu Dan>, Fuding White Tea Cultivation, Spring Tea. 
  2. One buds two or three leaves, Buds pekoe and tippy. 
  3. Second grade
  4. Silvery Pekoe, green leaf and red vein, leaf edge roll down, broken leaf a certain amount.

1. Loose Leaf Package.

2. Support Wholesale and Retail.

3. Support OEM/ODM for the tea.

4. More customization detail, refer to <Services>.

Various kinds of Packages

Organic White Tea Infos

/ Good mountain and good water cultivating good tea /

White tea pays attention to "three years of medicine, seven years of treasure", the longer the year, the higher the medicinal value. The main medicinal value of white tea is to clear liver-heat and improve eyesight, and remove body-heat. In dayang organic tea garden, tea farmers will store some old white tea. When they encounter wind-heat measles and viral colds, they will grab a handful of old white tea and boil it in the pot. Therefore, the people regard the old white tea as "medicine" and "treasure".

Orthodox Craftmanship

/ Inheriting the centuries-old tea-making craft and producing natural good /

A cup of good tea, every tea guarantee








White Tea Craft - Picking Up
White Tea Craft - Airing
White Tea Craft - Withering
White Tea Craft - Drying
White Tea Craft - Compressing
White Tea Craft - Baking
White Tea Craft - Packaging
White Tea Craft - Tea Illustration

Traditional Craft

Hundreds of years ago, tea farmer used the most primitive process to make tea. Start cooking with red bricks, stir fry with ironware, bake with acacia wood. Not anxious, not urgent, not utilitarian. Although standing in front of the scorching stove, sweating like rain, but they are as sweet. Because they know that tea is a gift from nature. No matter how extremely meticulous and patient treatment is, it is our duty. We inherit a natural ancient method of making tea, bringing you the true flavor of tea through history.

Using traditional white tea craft to make the tea, do not rolling or twisting, airing, natural, handcraft to restore the original taste of organic white tea.

The Effect of Drinking Tea

/ Drinking tea not only keeps you healthy, but also prevents diseases /

Suppressing Cardiovascular Diseases

Tea polyphenols help to inhibit this plaque hyperplasia, reduce the formation of fibrinogen with enhanced blood clotting viscosity, and blood clotting.

White Tea Effect - Tea Illustration
White Tea Effect - Tea Illustration
Preventing Intestinal Diseases

Drinking tea is equivalent to drinking a good medicine for treating intestinal diseases. Tea polyphenols in tea can combine with single-cell bacteria to coagulate proteins and kill the bacteria.


The tooth decay rate among people who drink tea often is 60% lower than the average person.

White Tea Effect - Tea Illustration

The Choice of Organic

/ Drinking tea not only keeps you healthy, but also prevents diseases /

What tea is healthy and safe for people to drink without worries?

The top of the food pyramid, pure natural, super premium, high-tasting healthy drinks

The Pyramid of Food Quality Level

Organic Food

Forbid to use the transgenosis, irradiation, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Geen Food

Strict confine to use the chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

General Food

Allow to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Pollution-free Food

Limit to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

To judge a health food is the test result of pesticide residual, even if organic food, the test result is also postive. Every country has a regulation for their own consideration, we followed up the most strict standard of European Union in the world and even international ORGANIC. We have been conducting the test by international authority EUROFINS .

Test Report by Eurofins

Our organic certificates are conducted by BCS international institution. We reach to EU, USDA and JAS triple standards and owns all of these three organic certificates. If required, we can issue organic TC certificates for customer's organic trading.

Organic CERTS BCS for Commerce

The Environment of Organic

/ organic ecological environment creates better tea and health /

Featured choice of fresh tea leaf in Thousands of Organic tea plantation

Follow the organic production standards, from tea to sales, we are strictly to control every step for intention to make a good tea

White Tea Organic Management - Plantation
Organic Tea Plantation-01

1. Evevation above 800m, Best for tea growth, No pollution.

White Tea Organic Management - Clipping
Organic Tea Cultivating-02

2. No use any synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or auxin.

White Tea Organic Management - Manuring
Organic Tea Manuring-03

3. Artificial to manure into tea plantation with farm manure.

White Tea Organic Management - Clipping
Organic Tea Clipping-04

4. Clipping weeds or tea bush with the most primitive approaches.

White Tea Organic Management - Cultivating
Organic Tea Picking-05

5. Picking in a timely manner according to the standard.

White Tea Organic Management - Processing
Organic Tea Processing-06

6. No use any chemical synthesis of food additives, preservatives or artificial coloring.

White Tea Organic Management - Packaging
Organic Tea Packaging-07

7. Sealed packaging to avoid chemical contamination.

White Tea Organic Management - Storage
Organic Tea Storing-08

8. Excellent storage environment, the intention is to preserve the taste of tea.

White Tea Organic Management - Marketing
Organic Tea Marketing-09

9. Spread the idea of health to every tea friends with a sincere attitude.

Organic White Tea Series

/ Rich product types, free choice /

Loose leaf tea or compressed tea cake as raw material as white peony and white peony silver needle tea

White Tea Series - White Peony
White Peony
Organic Loose Leaf Tea
White Tea Series - Silver Needle
Silver Needle
Organic Loose Leaf Tea
White Tea Series - White Tea Cakes

Infusion Process

/ A good cup of tea comes from the correct brewing method /

Put Tea

Use a teaspoon to put dried tea into the warmed tureen.

White Tea Infusion Process - Put Tea
Waken Tea

Lift up water pot to pour the 85oC water into tureen and rotate to wake tea up.

White Tea Infusion Process - Waken Tea
Filter Out

Scraping the foam of tea out and pouring out the tea water after 3-5seconds.

White Tea Infusion Process - Filter Tea
Brew Tea

Lift up water pot to pour the 85oC-95oC water into tureen with 7/10 cup.

White Tea Infusion Process - Brew Tea
Infiltrate Tea

Lid the tureen and stand still 10 seconds.

White Tea Infusion Process - Infiltrate Tea
Pour Out

Pour the tea soup into fair cup from tureen. Observe the soup, smell and taste.

White Tea Infusion Process - Pour Tea
White Tea Illustration - Enjoy It