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Organic Black Tea High Quality AA Grade

Organic Black Tea High Quality AA Grade

Organic Black Tea High Quality AA Grade

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Product Information

Organic Black Tea High Quality AA Grade Tea Leaf

1. Organic Black Tea, Grade AA

2. Deep Fermentation, Keemun black tea making process.

3. Strip coarse and loose evenly, whole size evenly too.

4. Appearance dark bloom, aroma strong.

  1. Liquid light red, orange and bright. 
  2. Taste mellow, less thick, sweet after taste.
Organic Black Tea High Quality AA Grade Tea Liquid
Various kinds of Packages

1. Support Wholesale and Large volumes

2. Support OEM/ODM for the tea

3. More customization detail, refer to <Services>.

Health and Safety

What tea is healthy and safe for people to drink without worries?

The Pyramid of Food Quality Hierarchy

IFS Internatinal Food

Passed 465 items inspection of EU regulations, 376 items inspection of Organic with EC and USDA international standard.

Organic Food

Forbid to use the transgenosis, irradiation, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Geen Food

Strict confine to use the chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

General Food

Allow to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Pollution-free Food

Limit to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

To judge a health food is the test result of pesticide residual, even if organic food, the test result is also postive. Every country has a regulation for their own consideration, we followed up the most strict standard of European Union in the world and even international ORGANIC. We have been conducting the test by international authority EUROFINS .

Test Report by Eurofins

Our organic certificates are conducted by BCS international institution. We reach to EU, USDA and JAS triple standards and owns all of these three organic certificates. If required, we can issue organic TC certificates for customer's organic trading.

Organic CERTS BCS for Commerce

Fresh Sprouts Traditional Craft

Combining traditional and modern black tea craft, possess the elegance of green tea with the sweet and mellow of black tea

Tea art feelings UnwillingnessBlack Tea Stamp

There is a mood that can be sculpted by time, there is a beauty that arises from immanence, there is an art that can touch life, and feel the tea art which is an unswerving pursuit of life.

[ Centennial Craft ]
Inherit and develop the traditional tea making technology, innovate and pursue perfection.

1. Picking Up

Adhere to the manual tea picking, can not hurt the tea tree, to ensure that the tea leaves are not damaged.

2. Withering

Spread the fresh leaves evenly on the bamboo siever, let the air circulate, cool and dry the tea.

3. Rolling

Tighten the tea leaf, reduce the volume, lay a good foundation for frying and drying into strips, properly destroy the leaf tissue, and change its inner material.

4. Fermentation

A necessary procedure for black tea to ferment the tea leaves until the green leaves appear reddish brown, increasing the fragrance of the tea leaves.

5. Drying

Passivate the activity of the enzyme and stop the fermentation; eaporate the water, reduce the volume, fix the shape and maintain the dryness to prevent mildewing.

6. Sieving

Remove old and deformed tea, stems, pieces, and debris.

Black Tea Barre Mark-Health and Safety

Tea Infusion  and Storage


Storage and Infusion Suggestion



90oC-1000C hot water brewing depends on the tenderness of the tea. Can not be brewed with overcooked boiling water, preferably mineral water.


Tea is most likely to be contaminated by other odors and must be separated from other heavy-tasting items, such as tobacco and alcohol.


Tea must be kept dry, avoid oxidation and odor, avoid light, airtight, low temperature, and maintain ventilation.

Serving a tea with a Good Way to bring you more pleasure.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 01.Wash Tea Wares

1. Wash Tea Wares

Clean tea wares by hot water before brewing tea.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 02.Put Tea

2. Put Tea

Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves into the tea set, and the ratio of tea to water is about 1:20.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 03.Infuse Tea

3. Infuse Tea

When the boiling water first boils, lift the kettle and pour it into the tea set, so that the tea leaves are rotated and fragrant.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 04.Scrape Tea Foam

4. Scrape Tea Foam

Use the lid to gently scrape off the white foam floating on the tea leaves.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 05.Pour Tea

5. Pour Tea

The tea brewed for about 10s-15s is poured into the juxtaposed teacups in turn.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 06.Distribute Tea

6. Distribute Tea

When pouring tea, it should be dripped evenly into each cup to make the flavor even.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 07.Watch Tea Soup

7. Watch Tea Soup

Watch the color of the tea soup in the cup.

Oolong Tea Infusion - 08.Taste Tea

8. Taste Tea

Savor it carefully, first smell its fragrance and then taste and feel it carefully.

Black Tea Best Choice for Health