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100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Sugar-Free; Fat-Free; Gluten-Free; Kosher; Natural; Alcohol-Free; Vegan; Non-GMO; Organic. For traditional matcha tea, add 1-2grams of matcha powder to 50-100ml of water heated to 176-212 Fahrenheit. To make a delicious latte add some frothed milk and stevia. Or simply add matcha powder to juices, shakes or smoothies.

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Matcha originated in China, dating back to the Song Dynasty and its birthplace is Linan of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is also the distribution center of Japanese tea today. EFOOFAN exports our tea to Japan both Matcha and other japanese teas like Sencha, Gyokuro etc.

EFOOFAN matcha green tea is organically farmed at the foot of the Tianmu Mountain where is located in an undeveloped natural valley, about 600m above sea level and widely distributes nearly 200 acres tea plantation.

Tian Mu Mountain, a national nature reserve, UNESCO man and biosphere reserve (MAB), it always is year-round fog, humid climate and lush forests.

Tea production in Linan has a history of more than 1,200 years. Tea has been recorded as early as the Dongjin Dynasty, and it was great reputed in the Tang Dynasty. The tea saint Lu Yu compiled Tianmu tea into the “Tea Classic”.


  • ✔️【100% Organic & NON-GMO】Our premium culinary matcha powder is NOT ONLY USDA and JAS certified organic But also EU food certified organic and conforms to the highest standard test demand conducted by Eurofins’s Germany Lab for pesticide residual and heavy metal etc, it is 100% vegan and gluten free.
  • ✔️【Versatile & Easy to Use】The grinding fineness of about 1000Mesh makes it easier for you to digest and absorb. Our matcha green tea is perfect for drink, baking, blends or others(latte, smoothie, ice cream, cookies, breads etc). Plus, no need for fancy whisks or expensive devices, just shake or froth it.
  • ✔️ 【Boost Energy & Concentration】Te verde organico provides a natural pick-me-up and its rich in antioxidants to allows for longer lasting and steadier energy for the body. It contains the high content of L-Theanine, which helps slow the body’s absorption of caffeine and no crash, no jitters.
  • ✔️ 【Origin & Endosement】Our matcha powder organic is from Tianmu Mountains, the birthplace of Japanese matcha, original from Song Dynasty, China FIRST organic plantation, a national natural reserve, best climate and geography for tea growing, pollution free and radiation free, excellent tea quality.
  • ✔️ 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】We stand behind our products and offer money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of te matcha by EFOOFAN. Feel free to contact us and avail our culinary matcha powder refund offer.


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