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Organic Pan-fired Green Tea

Organic Pan-fired Green Tea

Organic Pan-fired Green Tea

Organic Pan-fired Green Tea, USDA, JAS and EC Organic Certificates, Full-bodied Taste and Chestnut Aroma. Green Tea Plants Whole Leaf Tea Company Organic Loose Leaf Bulk Nutrients Tea Shop Near Me
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Devoting to Green, Natural, Healthy Tea Since 1991

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100% Natural, Mountain Tea

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Cao Qing Green Tea

Organic Pan-fired Green Tea Dried Tea -06

[ Tea Name ]

Caoqing Green Tea

[ Tea Grade ]

Grade 3

[ Net Weight ]


[ Appearance ]

Less tight, Curly , Dark Green

[ Tea Soup ]

Clean and Bright, Golden Yellow

[ Tea Taste ]

Mellow and Thick

[ Shelf Life ]

24 Months

[ Origin Place ]

Linan, Zhejiang

[ Storage ]

Sealed, Dried, Cool

[ Infusion ]

3-5gr, 950C, 3-5mins


Harvest Time


Infusion Index

1-2 Minutes
5-8 Minutes
10-15 Minutes

Taste Index

Mellow & Thick
Fresh & Brisk
Clean & Sweet

Color Index

Yellowish Green
Dark Green
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[ Product Show ]

comes from linan, zhejiang

Organic Pan-fired Green Tea High Quality
Product Detail-Caoqing-Orthodox
Product Detail-Caoqing-Dried Tea
Organic Pan-fired Green Tea Dried Tea -05
Organic Pan-fired Green Tea Liquid -07
Product Detail-Caoqing-Tea Soup

[ Advantages ]

comes from green tea

Green tea is a treasure, it is also the cure of disease. Its nutrition of tea covers all Seven major food nutrients & Six types of human essential nutrients on the world.

Caoqing Green Tea Benefits

Tea Polyphenol, Amino Acid, Theanine, Catechins(EGCG, ECG, EC, EGC), Protein, Caffeine, Vatamin(C, A, D, E, P, U, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B11, B12…), Theophylline, Carbohydrate, Tea Polysaccharide, Volatilizable Frangrant Compounds, Minerals(K, P, Ca, Mg, Na, CL, S, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo, Ni, Sn, Fo, Co, Cr, F, I, Se, Si).

Green Tea Nutrition Comparision
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[ Handcraft ]

inherited from Traditional Skill








Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Picking
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Rolling
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Dehydration
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Detachment
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Pan-firing
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Storage
Caoqing Green Tea Making Process - Packing
Caoqing Product Illustration

Inherited Handcraft

A few hundred years ago, tea farmers used the most primitive craft of tea making To make the stove by red brick, to pan-fired with iron vessel, and baking with acacia wood Not anxious, not urgent, not utilitarian Although standing in front of the fumigated stove, sweat as bathing, but they are pleasure to engage in Because they know that tea is the gift of nature It is devoir no matter how extremely meticulous and patient treatment they are.

A few hundred years later We inherit from a natural tradition of tea making Bring you a wisp of fragrance through the history of the tea.

A Delicate Aroma in Elaboration

[ Mechanization ]

innovated from Traditional Skill


1. Mechanize producing combined with traditional processing skill to form a standard.

2. To enhance the producing towards more sanitary, healthier and unified.

3. Low down the cost of producing and benefit consumers.

Pick On
Pick On

4. Keep the quality stable to fulfil the long-term demand of customers.

Tea Life Illustration

[ Safe and Health ]

to drink a cup of health tea

What tea is healthy and safe for people to drink without worries?

The Pyramid of Food Quality Hierarchy

IFS Internatinal Food

Passed 465 items inspection of EU regulations, 376 items inspection of Organic with EC and USDA international standard.

Organic Food

Forbid to use the transgenosis, irradiation, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Geen Food

Strict confine to use the chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

General Food

Allow to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

Pollution-free Food

Limit to use the ferticser of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives.

To judge a health food is the test result of pesticide residual, even if organic food, the test result is also postive. Every country has a regulation for their own consideration, we followed up the most strict standard of European Union in the world and even international ORGANIC. We have been conducting the test by international authority EUROFINS .

Test Report by Eurofins

Our organic certificates are conducted by BCS international institution. We reach to EU, USDA and JAS triple standards and owns all of these three organic certificates. If required, we can issue organic TC certificates for customer's organic trading.

Organic CERTS BCS for Commerce

[ Storage ]

to Keep a good tea


Tea is most easily tainted to other odors and must be isolated from other odors.


Tea is most vulnerable to heat oxidation, it must be stored in a cool and ventilated place, cool is appropriate, better refrigeration.


Tea is most susceptible to damp and must be stored in a dry place.

Tea Word for Storage Method

All are optional as Jar,Canister,Tin etc. Greater sealablity with the container, Better to store the tea,

Kind Reminder:

1. Not allowed to place the tea with other tainted matter on smell like mothball, spice, drag etc.

2. The relative air humidity of storage environment should be controled under 60%.

3. Avoid exposing the tea under sunlight.

4. Avoid squeezing and crashing to broken the tea.

5. Placement with small batch.

Cold Storage
Cold Refrigerator
Sado Teaism