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Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea

Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea

Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea

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Tian Mu Tea Plantation Head
Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea Dried Tea -00
Tian Mu Tea Plantation Product Info Background -1

Product Information

[ Product Name ]

Tian Mu Qing Ding Grade 2

[ Tea Type ]

Green Tea

[ Origin Place ]

Linan, Hangzhou

[ Shelf Life ]

720 Days

[ Storage ]


[ Net Weight ]



Tian Mu Qing Ding green tea produced garden is distributed at high mountain col with an altitude of 600m-1200m in Tianmu Moutain of Linan.

Lin’an is a western garden of Hangzhou and located in Tian Mu mountain area of northwest zhejiang province. The Mountains of Lin’an are charming, the water is chilling, it has a beautiful scenery. The forest coverage rate of Lin’an is 74.9%. It is a monsoon climate with warm and humid climate, sufficient light, abundant rainfall and distinct seasons. Lin’an boasts great natural environment and profound cultural deposits. Its long history has left the land abundant and valuable historical and cultural heritages.


Organic Tea Garden

Characteristic Climate

Unique Geography

Tian Mu mountain is rated as state-level natural scenic. The continuous peaks of Tian Mu mountain look comely and fascinating. Its elevation of major peak named west tian mu and east Tian Mu were about 1500 meters. Tian Mu mountain always is year-round fog and humid climate. Its lush forests and leaves landing formed ash brown forest soil and humus layer reached to 20cm. The loose and black soil appears its acidifying property. Therefore, all of these features are to be suitable for the growth of fine tea.


The tender leaves of Qing Ding tea are green like jade, and the buds are like paper.

The standard of Tian Mu Qing Ding flush is as one bud and one sprout, one bud and one leaf appear, one bud and one leaf, one bud and two leaves appear. Plucking tea leaves in a sunny day after dew gliding and spreading the tea on clean bamboo plaited containers and cooling it, then through high heat dehydration, airing, rolling, stir-firing, cooling and drying etc. procedures to manufacture a dry tea.


Centennial Heritage Production

The harvesting time of Tian Mu Qing Ding tea is later than other green teas and it is graded as Ding Gu, Yu Qian, Mei Jian, Mei Bai, and Xiao Chun according to the discrepancy of harvesting time, standard and roasting method. Ding Gu and Yu Qian belongs to spring tea and called Qing Ding which tea buds owns most tender and slender, brilliant green color and mellow taste. Mei Jian and Mei Bai belongs to Mao Feng, Xiao Chun belongs to common green tea.

Tian Mu  
Qing Ding 
green tea 
is often difficult to know

First is to look its appearance, second is to taste its soup, third is to see the brewed tea leaf

Dry Tea

[ Completeness ]

No broken leaf

[ Netness ]

No stem and stalk

[ Color ]

Jade Green

[ Shape ]

Needle shape/ one bud and one leaf

Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea Dried Tea -06
Tian Mu Qing Ding Tea - Look at Appearance

The emerald green is like jade, the shape of dry tea is exquisite, the shape is like phoenix plume, the color is bright yellow and lively green, and it is bright and oily. It belongs to the scent of plants and trees, with an elegant and distant aroma, which is different from the high fragrance of Longjing and the flower and fruit aroma of Biluochun.

Tea Soup

[ Color ]

Clean and bright golden

[ Aroma ]

Fresh, tender brisk

[ Taste ]

Sweet, mellow brisk and thick

[ Brewed Tea Leaf ]

Soft, bright and tender

Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea, MingQian Tea, Buds Tea - Liquid -2

The color of the tea soup is clear and translucent without excessive impurities, and then smell the aroma, taste the tea soup, taste it carefully at the entrance of mouth, fresh and brisk, sweet and nourishing, scent of lips and teeth, it is pleasant for feeling.

Tian Mu Qing Ding Tea - Taste Tea Soup

Brewed Tea Leaf

One bud and one leaf,  tippy fully, fat and bold, sprouts withh swig, tea leaf is soft, tender and complete, its appearance color is jade green, leaf vein and stem are clear.

Organic TianMu QingDing Green Tea SS Grade One bud one leaf GuYu Tea Brewed Leaf
Tian Mu Qing Ding Tea - See Brewed Tea Leaf

Look at the brewed tea leaf, keep elasticity, neat edges, less breakage, uniform size, the tenderness of brewed tea leaf is superior as size uniformity and more tippy sprouts are superior, and its color is best as fresh and bright.

A cup of great tea rewards a bosom friend.

Elected authentic Tian Mu Qing Ding

Infusion Method

The water temperature should not be too high during brewing, generally it should be controlled at 80-85oC.

[Warm Cup]

Tian Mu Tea - Warm Cup

Warm the cup with hot water. Pour hot water with 75-85oC into 1/3 of cup.

[Moisten Tea]

Tian Mu Tea - Moisten Tea

Drop 3-5g tea into cup, lift and swing cup to moisten tea. Smell it.


Tian Mu Tea - Infusion

Pour the hot water upto 7/10-8/10 of cup.

[Enjoy It]

Tian Mu Tea - Enjoy It

Smell and Enjoy it after 35 sec. Pour water again when remain to 1/3.

Brewing a cup of Tian Mu Qing Ding tea, its taste is fresh, mellow and brisk, its smell is delicately fragrant and lasting, its liquid is clear and brilliant and its blossoming buds are discernible. After brewing times, its color, smell and taste still remain.



Enjoy It!